NOLA Knights


We’ve gotten off to a good start with character creation. We have our fighter, cleric, rogue, and wizard. From what I’m told we will likely have another cleric at least with our last player undecided. Given the various classes I’m surprised we ended up with such a standard makeup. This is a good thing though for a well rounded party.

We’ll be kicking things off with the Starter Box adventure “Lost Mines of Phandelver”. This should take everyone from level 1 through level 5, giving you a good taste of how your class plays. If everyone enjoys the adventure (and survives through it!) we may move into the Dragon Queen modules, or I may take a stab at a homemade adventure or two first.

I’m still debating on opening up to an Ascended account here which adds a number of features to the campaign site as well.

Looking forward to next Friday!



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