NOLA Knights

Character Sheets

Ok, everyone should have their character sheet in electronic form now.

I’ve done what I could to verify everything, fill in any last minute gaps, and provide as much useful info on the main sheet as possible.

When you have time please add your character info to the site here as well. There are fields here for other items you may not have considered like age, height, background, etc. I encourage everyone to fill them out when you can. It never hurts to know more about your character.

I’m planning on finding some links to online information about the world we are playing within in case people want some more history to reference. I have most of the novels written based in this setting and a number of campaign books as well.

Yes, I’m a really big nerd.


Did you send the character sheets by email? If so, could you send mine again? ‘cause I can’t find it.

Character Sheets

I’ll send it out again this afternoon. I think I sent it to Paul since you hadn’t registered yet and I wasn’t sure if you were checking this e-mail address often.

Character Sheets

I am having trouble saving the updated pdf versions.
Anyone know a workaround.

Character Sheets

OK if you use Foxit reader it appears to work

Character Sheets

I haven’t run into an issue yet using Adobe on them.

Character Sheets

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