NOLA Knights

Where are your Manors?

Session 2

The group left Splergle and Tusk sharing their room together since neither of them seemed to want to wake up last night (Perhaps a bit of racial relations were going on???) and headed into the town. They spoke with Sildar in the Inn and took a brief trip over to the local armor and weapon shop where they informed a grateful shopkeeper of the goods she had lost to the goblin ambushes!

After checking in with Sildar once more at the town hall the group decided to go investigate for clues of the disappearance of Iarno, Sildar’s aquaintance, who disappeared two month prior. Before heading to the abandoned manor at the edge of town they were set upon by a group of the local ruffians in town, the Redbrands.

Once inside the manor they discovered it to be less abandoned as it seemed finding more Redbrands down in the cellars.

The group paused after finding a secret door leading into an open cavern deeper inside…



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