NOLA Knights

Caught Redbranded!

Our intrepid adventuring group has finally solved their second conundrum, besides still trying to figure out why Half-Tusk never left the room after sleeping together with Splergle!

After going in search of Iarno for Sildar at the old Tresendar Manor the group quickly found that the basement of the manor was not so empty after all!

The local ruffian group, the Redbrands, had set up shop below. After a number of pitched battles, bluntly discovered traps, attempts to open some walls that weren’t f’king doors, and the party occasionally doing their best to kill themselves it was discovered that Iarno hadn’t disappeared, but was leading this ruffian group all along! (dun Dun DUN!)

Though Iarno was nowhere to be found a note left behind that plainly instructed him to be prepared for the group that was ‘working for the Dwarves’ and find out of there were any dwarven maps in their possession. Signed only with the symbol of a spider at the bottom it seems clear that your group was the intended targets!

Now everyone has returned to recover from their experience and briefly bask in the thanks of the small town for disbanding the troublesome group. The thought that the dwarf who contracted you, Gundren, is still missing looms ever in the back of your minds.

Given the discussions the group has had previously the following options are still available for the party to choose:

Orc Trouble!: The Townmaster, Harbin, is still looking for someone to head East to investigate trouble on the Triboar Trail. Travelers have reported bands of orcs near Wyveryn Tor. A reward of 100 gold has been offered.

Mirna’s Heirloom: One of the prisoners in the Redbrands hideout was very grateful for rescuing her and her children. She had nothing directly to offer, but did know of a valuable heirloom that was hidden and left behind in the town of Thundertree. The town was abandoned after undead overran it and she has never returned.

Cragmaw Castle: Sildar has encouraged your group to keep up the pressure on the local goblins. He believes Cragmaw to be the center of their activity in the area and has offered 500 gold if you can locate and drive off the leader. He has suggested possibly investigating the Triboar Trail for other raiding groups that may have useful information.

The priestess of Tymora, Sister Garaele, was looking for a group that may be willing to do a favor for her before the group went to Tresendar Manor.

Speaking to other notable townsfolk may yet yield more as well.



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