NOLA Knights

What the stories don't mention..

The ‘adventure’ was over. What started as a simple escort job for some quick gold turned out to be the fickle hand of the gods, or fate, giving you the opportunity to be forged into something more. Now you’ve all gotten a taste of what being a ‘hero’ really meant. Not just the stories and songs Thespiana sings lately by the tavern fire, but the true and unpolished reality.

You all returned and tried to quickly fall back into familiar patterns but now everything is different. Many of you felt the cold hand of death grasping for your soul and its left you sleepless on more nights than you’d possibly admit? Do you find yourself wondering if there are threats lurking in the darkness, or around the next corner, where before there was always safety in the normalcy of your lives? Perhaps you’ve tried to leverage your local fame and profit from it? Ultimately there is no doubt when people look at you that you’ve experienced something that they will never understand.

Regardless what you think many now pass through the Inn looking towards you already as someone who would be more a fable than a person.

Perhaps one of you has already considered….how long will it be before fate is thrust upon you again?



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